A conversation session at the 2017 Playback Conference in Hobart recognised that there was a gap in training opportunities in Australasia for playback practitioners outside what is delivered by individual companies. The group recognised that there is vast experience in our ranks and that there is a need to make this experience more available in ways that allow for deeper engagement than is possible at conference sessions. There was also a strong acknowlegement of the important role that the NZ summer school had on playback development in our region. 

Following a survey of the playback community a broad cross-section of practitioners decided to support this initiative of an Australasian Playback School.  We hope this event sponsored by Sydney Playback Theatre will be the first of many opportunites for people across the region to share experience, skills and learning.

Background to the first event


At a teleconference in September 2017 a decision was taken to begin offering training that would be hosted by a particular company with input from a couple of representatives from the broader community. Sydney Playback Theatre offered to host the first event and it is working with practitioners from Perth, the Blue Mountains and Wellington. 

Those on our initial teleconference recognised that there is work to be done to identify the most practical 'governance' model for an Australasian School. What is learnt from delivering this first event will help shape how things move forward. It may stay the same (ie. individual companies hosting events with external input) or perhaps a board or committee structure will be established. 

The first event will happen in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney in November 2018. 


Put simply the goal of the Australasian School of Playback is to provide an opportunity for all playback practitioners around the region to learn from some of the most experienced practitioners and trainers in the world. In this region we have an abundance of experience and we want to unlock that so that everyone can benefit.

The school, as distinct from a conference, is about the opportunity to work intensively with a small group, guided by facilitators with significant experience. At its heart is the desire for the quality of our individual playback practice, the practice of our companies and the quality of practice across the region to deepen as we challenge and learn from each other 

The intention is to start small but to build a framework that offers a variety of different events each year. It is likely that events will have a particular target group (eg. beginners, experienced, those wanting to develop leadership, conductors, musicians)  and that there will be at least one event every couple of years that would meet the training needs/desires of most practitioners.