Deepening Relationships in Playback Theatre. November 9-12 2018

Program 1.

On November 9 participants from Perth, Darwin, Alice Springs, Brisbane, Bellingen, Taree, Sydney, Katoomba, Hobart, Wellington and Singapore gathered at the Karuna conference centre 2 hours west of Sydney. For the next three days under the guidance of Peter Hall and Johanna De Ruyter the group explored the deep relationships at the heart of Playback theatre. They connected, re-connected, worked, laughed, cried, ate, sang and immersed themselves in playback.

We invite you to watch a video of our collective experience.

Reflections from participants of the first program.

“I feel the program gave me ample time to understand and experience the deepening of relationships intrinsic to the work of Playback. I can't think of anything that would have maximised this. I know my biggest edge is trust and there was opportunity to develop trust with others.”

“The activities did definitely direct me and probably all of us into a deeper connection with ourselves and each other. The embodiment focus is something I have been working on a lot in my own life in and out of Playback theatre. Johanna's work deepened my own exploration and has given me more things to explore and to practise.. It would have helped me to have some more coaching while acting as to the embodiment or not by the actors … The conducting 'coaching' was done really well in that Peter took such loving care with each volunteer and gave good directions and side coaching, interruptions were good.”

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“For me part of deepening relationships is the opportunity to be with people, to continue the conversations, to raise issues and to challenge each other. I felt particularly comfortable to do all of those things, it was wonderful I could have stayed for a whole extra week.”

“I am still feeling the impact of the program 5 weeks later and am already incorporating my learning into my own practice and performance. All of the activities and exercises were well thought out, well executed, beautifully held and provided wonderful opportunities for growth, education and mixing with others from different troupes. "Second circle" was a new concept for me - interesting and helpful.”

“The program impacted me by taking me to a place where I could feel confident as an actor and know how to increase that. It also enabled me to go through a personal shift in working through my self judgement and self critic, to banish that in favor of a more honest and caring relationship with my inner self. That transformation was not what I was looking for, however I will be forever grateful it occurred.”

“… I was looking for some confirmation of my skills and qualities as well as a branching back into the play back community. Both of these goals were met. I felt seen and appreciated and I was stretched especially in the acting. Perhaps some more side coaching would have been good but the activities were rich and juicy..Plenty to explore for myself and with our company.”

Co-ordinating Committee

This first program is being hosted and coordinated by Sydney Playback (Michael Pooley, Johanna De Ruyter, Thanassis Boulis) with assistance from Peter Hall (Leura, NSW - not currently in a company) Claire Hewitt (Wellington, New Zealand - not currently in a company) and Arlene Quinn (Perth Playback)